TourConnect AI

TourConnect's Booking Automation tool is an email add-in for Outlook & Gmail. It intelligently prefills a booking form from any email, then allows you to send the booking into Zaui with just one click.


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Booking Intelligence

The tool prefills key booking data from ANY email format into a booking form that is integrated with Zaui.

Zaui Integration

Create, search, modify, or cancel any booking in Zaui from right within your inbox.

Email History

Keep a clear history of action taken on any email - perfect for shared inboxes, so you always know if an email has already been processed.

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TourConnect AI

Overall Value

The Booking Automation Tool drastically reduces the time your reservations team spends processing booking emails.

Save Time & Save Money

  • Create, search, modify, and cancel bookings received via email with the click of a button.
  • Reduce administrative costs and minimize costly manual data entry mistakes.

How It Works

  1. Install the email add-in for Outlook or Gmail
  2. Open any booking email
  3. Click prefill
  4. Review the booking form and edit, as needed
  5. Click "Book Now" to create the booking in Zaui

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Launched on March 20th 2023



Free for All Customers

Available for all customers to install.

  • Start automating your booking email today!


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