Easy Managed Service Disruptions

by Zaui

Inform your guests about service disruptions efficiently in real time with the Service Disruptions feature from the Zaui transport booking system.


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Handling complex travel service disruptions easily with Zaui's Service Disruptions Module.

Communicate with Guests Easily

Keep your passengers informed on trip status and unexpected disruptions, such as traffic congestion, accidents, detours, vehicle breakdowns delays, natural disasters or route closures.

Avoid Customer Frustrations

Minimize inconvenience, frustration, and dissatisfaction in the passenger journey by keeping them in the loop about the latest changes in the schedule.

Efficiently manage disruptions

Enable your operations team to effortlessly manage and communicate disruptions, and issue necessary refunds or credit for cancelled trips.


    Easy Managed Service Disruptions

    Designed with ground transportation operators in mind, the Service Disruptions feature from Zaui reservation software enables transport operators to apply service disruption info to their trips. Bookings affected by the delays and closures are updated in real-time and impacted passengers can be notified by email and/or SMS of these changes.

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    Launched on January 1st 2019

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    This feature is free and available for all Zaui customers.


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