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Connect your Zaui platform with Routific and automate your equipment, routes and pickup times and locations for guests. Save your staff time and reduce errors while delighting your guest with accurate ETA's.


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Automate your pickup operations

Routific optimizes your routes based on real-world factors like time windows, vehicle capacities, pickup types, priority stops, driver speeds, driver shift times, driver breaks, and more.

Save Hours of Time

Reaplce all the manual hours of decision making for driver manifests and routes with automation.

Pickup on time, every time.

Always pickup on-time with accurate ETAs. Need to make a last-minute change? No worries. Delivery notifications are automatically updated so your customers are always in-the-know.

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Route optimization for the masses

Every day we are helping hundreds of businesses around the globe save time and fuel with route optimization. Our mission? To provide last-mile delivery software that’s accessible to everyone. Like the companies we help, our team is committed to being as efficient and lean as possible. We are passionate about helping businesses thrive, and creating a more sustainable world - let's work smarter together!

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Launched on January 1st 2015

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Trail is available and free to install.


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