Booking Engine Language Packs

by Zaui

Reach more guests worldwide and allow them to book in their preferred language


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Multi-language support for online booking engines, tours and activities.

Offer service in guests’ language

Let your guests read the booking details in their native language. Customers are more likely to make a booking from a website in their preferred language.

Break language barriers

Speaking the language of your guests provides a seamless booking experience for your guests worldwide.

Acquire more guests

Win over international travellers by letting them make the bookings in their preferred language.


    Booking Engine Language Packs

    Zaui’s online booking engine’s multi-language features display your tours and activities in a language familiar to your guests. Our booking platform has 19 languages, recent additions being Norwegian, Portuguese, Japanese and Russian. Multilingual features on Zaui's online booking engine can cater to a larger customer base in different countries. Selling your experiences in multiple languages helps you acquire more guests and give you an advantage over competitors.

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    Launched on January 1st 2015




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