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OCTO, or Open Connectivity for Tourism, is a industry standarded used to allow exchange of your products and services with resellers. OCTo is enabled automatically in your Zaui system.


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OCTo for tours and activities and Zaui is the founding booking solution.

Instant Live Inventory

Zaui direct connection give you access to live inventory, provide a better customer experience and achieve higher conversion rates.

Instant Booking Confirmation

A direct connection improves the customer experience, reduces cart abandonment, and maximizes revenue opportunities.

Manage your products and Inventory

All live inventory connections with OTA's are managed through Zaui simple by powerful Channel Manager. Manage your experiences, pricing, inventory and more.



    OCTo (the Open Connectivity for Tourism) is an operational and inventory specification that enables technology partners in the "things to do" space to communicate with each other in the same language. This exchange enables sharing of products and services to facilitate sales transaction easily. OTA's are a good example if its use.

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    Launched on March 1st 2019

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    This feature is free and available for all Zaui customers.

    • Direct Zaui to OTA real time connection
    • Real time inventory
    • Instant booking delivery and customer confirmation
    • Instant booking amendments in real time
    • Bookings are delivered to your Zaui system trip manifests instantly
    • Manage this channel using Zaui Channel Manager


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