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Insights for Zaui is a high level analytical dashboard designed to provide the most important summary overview of your business providing powerful Insights enabling data informed decision making.


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Business intelligence insights for my booking system

Get Useful Data

Get a high-level overview of your business revenues, bookings and customers by travel date. Use our visual graphs to see a forecasted trend of your revenue and bookings.

Make data-driven decisions

Enables you to make smarter business decisions and build promotional targets based on real-time data, giving you an edge over your competition.

Save your Time

Without the excel pivot tables, monitor real-time KPIs daily, and save the time it takes to manipulate several reports.

  • Reporting dashboard for my booking system
  • Reporting insights for my attractions ticketing company
  • Reservation software that works with Insights Screen Shot 3


Zaui Insights is a high-level analytical dashboard designed to provide insights for helping your business grow faster. The powerful tool lets you look at historical and future data in real-time, enabling you to make smart data-driven decisions. The easy-to-analyze visual graph makes it easy to extract information about the three vital factors that drive your tour and activity business—revenue, bookings, and customers.

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Launched on January 1st 2016

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