Report Builder

by Zaui

Create custom reports with the Zaui Report Builder and explore a world of data from your Zaui system. Automated report scheduling and exporting.


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Custom reporting in the Zaui booking system

Custom Report Builder

Create any report, save and modify and share with your staff. Bookings, activites, products, packages, accounting, transactions and much more.

Scheduled and Automate Reports

Export reports to multiple emails at predefined schedules and automate data delivery for external analysis.

Export and Make Data-Driven Decisions

Export your reports with automation and make decisions based on real-time sales, products, and customer behaviour. Export your reports to CSV for future data analysis.

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Report Builder

Report Builder and Deep Analytics Tool for Zaui

Zaui Report Builder is a robust solution that allows you to build reports, schedule and export for analysis using different data available in your Zaui.

The app has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface enabling efficient management of all the reports by using user-friendly features like drag & drop, filtering, and sorting.

To save your time, we have developed sending the reports via email. Just specify the required report, period, time, and your mail - and you will receive all the necessary data on sales directly in the mail, which can be viewed even from any device on the way to work or on vacation. Awesome!!!

With Advanced Reports, you can:

Create any custom report from data right in your store. What's more, our team can create any report tailored to your specific needs - just get in touch.

Build and export virtually any data on in your Zaui system and download it for further analysis.

  • Share reports with your team.
  • Schedule reports to automatically run and be notified on completion via email for download.
  • Build and scheduled reports for teams or individuals, like your accountant.

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Launched on March 1st 2022

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Free for Enterprise Customers

Available for Enterprise customers on non-legacy pricing plans.

  • Easy to use Report Builder Interface
  • Up to 10 Reports
  • 125+ Built-in Reports
  • Standard Support


This app is supported by Zaui

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