Tripletex Direct Connect

by Zaui

Connect your Zaui system directly to your Tripletex accounting system for real-time data delivery, making your accounting process easy and simply.


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Real-Time Data Delivery

Data is delivered into Tripletex as it happens from Zaui.

Consolidated Accounting

Simplified accounting from Zaui direct to Tripletex so your accountant never needs to change their processes.

Instant Live Inventory

Zaui direct connection give you access to live inventory, provide a better customer experience and achieve higher conversion rates.


    Tripletex Direct Connect

    Operating in Oslo, Norway, Tripletex is a complete, cloud-based financial management software composed of various modules that meet a wide range of clients business needs. Tripletex, trusted by over 50,000 companies operating across Norway, is dedicated to arming small and medium businesses with insights for making smarter, data-driven business decisions. The integration with Tripletex gives you the ability to streamline workflows, send real-time data and revenues, cut down on manual processes and save thousands of hours of administrative work.

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    Launched on March 1st 2022

    Integrates with



    9NOK / trans

    For those businesses starting but want to leverage automated accounting.

    • Real-time Data Delivery
    • Update to 1,000 transactions / month

    1001-10000 TRANSACTIONS

    7NOK / trans

    For business in growth mode.

    • Real-time Data Delivery
    • Update to 10,000 transactions / month

    10,000+ TRANSACTIONS

    5NOK / trans

    For enterprise businesses

    • Real-time Data Delivery
    • Update to 15,000+ transactions / month


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